Escritório Orex

Orex Mineração Ltda (Orex) was founded in February 1989, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with the objective to produce and commercialize market known natural stones in the internal and external market.

Years later, the principal of Orex, Dr. Werner Fleckenstein, decided to use his strong technical background and his knowledge of Brazilian geology and business conditions to identify, select and develop new natural stone occurrences.

In 1995, Dr. Werner Fleckenstein transferred Orex to Salvador, the state capital of Bahia, Brazil, and commenced investigating the details of several selected new properties. Since then, numerous natural stone occurrences have been evaluated, tested and claimed.

Today, Orex controls the mineral rights for several natural stone occurrences in the northeast of Brazil.

The best known and most explored property is the Santa Cruz Quartzite project in the state of Pernambuco. The mineral claim of this property covers 1000 hectares. Other, also most interesting properties are located in the state of Bahia.

Orex owns the relevant mineral rights and is responsible for the exports. The exploitation of the the quarries and the sales to the local market is the responsibility of Santa Cruz Pedras Limitada which together with Orex forms the Orex Group.

Orex Mineração

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