Construction Materials (crushed stones) Quartzite Santa Cruz

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Construction Materials (crushed stones) Quartzite Santa Cruz

To protect and maintain the original landscape all mining and industrial waste will be used for the production of a variety of construction materials through crushing and screening. The different products (sand and split) will be sold to local retailers and distributers. These materials will mainly be used for the construction of houses and roads, to fabricate concrete bricks and other finished products, and also for gardening.
The construction materials Quartzite Santa Cruz are an excellent option for the local construction business.
The current production includes the following grain sizes: Fines (0-4mm), Split 1 (4-10mm), Split 2 (10-20mm), und Split 3 (>40mm). Their applications are generally as follows:
Fines - aggregate for concrete mixtures
Split 1 - flooring of park ways, parking areas, others
Split 2 - road construction, parking areas, others
Split 3 - deco stones, gardening, others

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