Empresas utilizando o Quartzito Santa Cruz

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Empresas utilizando o Quartzito Santa Cruz

Commerce of ornamental stones
Ornamental stone marketing and sales have changed. Today, a variety of stones for paving, gardening, flooring, etc. can be acquired through the internet. The range of stones is almost unlimited. However, for this very reason, contracting of market known suppliers has become very important. The same applies for the planning and construction of individualized gardens and terraces, with unique environments, advanced architecture, and suitable colors.
Orex Mineração Ltda., with own quarries in Northeast Brazil, offers through AYDIN, the unique Santa Cruz quartzite, which is an excellent option for all external areas, including for the paving of residential entries or access ways, and urban areas.

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AYDIN plans and executes gardening projects using a variety of ornamental stones from several countries and recognized and reliable suppliers

Orex Mineração

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