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Denunciation Cave Gontero, Italy

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Denunciation Cave Gontero, Italy

1. This is to denunciate the illegal commercial practices of Cave Gontero, Italy in Brazil, which as of 2012 used their brazilian subsidiary G.A.Pedras to solicitate and acquire stones from brazilian producers, including our company Orex Mineracao Ltda., but never paid.

2. Many times we have requested G.A.Pedras and Cave Gontero to honour their debt of US$ 20,000, without success.

3. In 2013 Cave Gontero shut down their subsidiary G.A.Pedras, ignoring completely their debt with us and with other brazilian producers.

4. To replace G.A.Pedras, Cave Gontero opened in 2013 a new subsidiary called Lapis Pedras, located in Caxambu, Minas Gerais.

We herewith advise the stone market about the continuous illegal practices of Cave Gontero and their subsidary Lapis Pedras in Brazil, and we suggest to the stone market, to take all possible measures to condemn Cave Gontero and their associated companies

Orex Mineracao Ltda. - Werner J. Fleckenstein - 0055 71 9134.8414

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